Belvidere Manor Hotel Knysna

Knysna Belvidere Manor HouseIt's not often one comes upon a spot that simply takes your breath away. Belvidere Manor in Knysna is one such unique place. The estate, located on the banks of the Knysna Lagoon has a colourful colonial history, dating back to the original timber merchants in the Knysna and Tstitsikamma forests, which today are major tourist attractions of the renowned South African Garden Route. This unique setting and ideal location was a wise investment choice by George Rex in 1830 and has since matured into the peaceful village of Belvidere in Knysna.

Belvidere Manor Cottage bedroom view Perhaps the perception of the ideal spot was influenced by the serenity and silence, the perfect weather conditions or the still mirrored waters of the Knysna lagoon, which imprints its alluring panorama into your mind's 'perfect spot' location, but in all cases there is just no denying the absolutely stunning beauty of Belvidere Manor.
The Pool at Belvidere Manor Hotel Knysna
The private Cape-style cottages, ranging from single to double story, are fitted with modern kitchen, terrace and fireplace. The cottages are pleasantly comfortable, well furnished, warm and cosy. The landscaped colonial gardens with their colourful beds and majestic trees are a haven to the many birds, which flutter about, seemingly unperturbed by our presence. There are many idyllic spots along our coastline that conjure up visions of Eden, yet few can compete with Belvidere Manor’s; close enough to Knysna central to visit the many arts and craft shops in Knysna, yet far enough to be away from the busy activity of the town.
The Bell Tavern Pub in at Belvidere manor Hotel in Knysna
Meal times at Belvidere Manor are a treat and to quote "serving a contemporary menu, embracing the 'gastronomica' ethics of sustainable, locally sourced produce - slow-cooked or lightly tossed - the results are a delight!" Breakfast served on the terrace, overlooking the gardens, pool and Knysna lagoon is an experience you won’t soon forget and any terrace meal thereafter, a comparison.

Belvidere Manor also includes conference facilities and the quaint Bell Tavern, which is Knysna's smallest pub, housed on the original Belvidere farmhouse site. The Bell Tavern’s yellowwood ceiling and ironwood block floor adds to the unique character of the pub as does the local friendly faces who often frequent the pub.

Whether as a local; it’s just a short visit to the Bell Tavern for a meal and a pint, or a bridal couple looking for an idyllic Wedding venue, or a tourist visiting our beautiful Garden Route for an unforgettable romantic holiday, Belvidere Manor Hotel is sure not to disappoint.

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