Brenton on Sea

Brenton on Sea Beach Garden Route South Africa

There are many beaches along the South African Garden Route Southern Cape Coast that take ones breath away and Brenton on Sea is one such a beach; however Brenton on Sea is a stretch of coastline that needs to be experienced, rather than simply viewed from a distance. On a good day, from perfectly placed rock formations, one can watch dolphins surfing the breakers only metres away or one could “de-stress” by enjoying a stroll along the white beach stretching all the way to Buffalo Bay.

Brenton on Sea View from afar. Photo: Gardenroute.comThe quaint suburb of Brenton is approximately 12Km west of Knysna. Named after Sir Jaheel Brenton, the British admiral who opened Knysna harbour, Brenton is separated into Brenton on Lake, on the Western shore of the Knysna Lagoon and Brenton on Sea, which lies on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The latter offers spectacular ocean views as well as a beautiful 3Km stretch of beach all the way to Buffalo Bay, while the other offers the peace and tranquillity of the Knysna Lagoon. Both are ideal vacation destinations each offering close proximity to Knysna Central and the Garden Route as well as an idyllic getaway spot just beyond the hub of activity.

The Brenton on Sea 3Km  beack to Buffalo Bay Garden Route.Photo: Nestled on the ridge most Brenton on Sea homes boast magnificent ocean views, as well as access to arguably, the best beach along the Garden Route coastline. The village’s location is an ideal getaway for stress suffering “city slickers” needing some peace and tranquility. Brenton on Sea is close enough to Knysna central to be convenient, yet far enough away to maintain that unmistakable “this is a vacation” feeling. The unique location provides majestic sea views from almost anywhere, so much so that a spot without sea view in Brenton on Sea, would be hard to find.

Spectacular Views of Brenton on Sea Garden Route South Africa.Photo: Gardenroute.comBrenton is a favourite spot along the Garden Route for many of the locals, simply because the location ensures a spectacular visual experience, a quiet village with a unique character and a serenity difficult to describe, a place perfectly created to remind oneself just how blessed and yet how insignificant we are against the crashing ocean and magnificent panoramas. For the locals its a place to remind oneself why we live and why we chose the Garden Route in the first place.

The boardwalk Brenton on Sea Garden Route South Africa. Photo: Gardenroute.comParking is available close to the beach access, however during peak season this may prove difficult. Access down to the beach is via a boardwalk, so lugging chairs, carrycot, gazebo’s, tents and other heavy items are not recommended, simply because the return trip, after a long walk or day in the sun is not for the faint hearted. For the elderly and faint hearted, a midway bench, conveniently provides a chance to catch your breath and take in the view. Most Garden Route beaches don’t allow pets on the beach and Brenton on Sea is no exception.

The walk along the beach toward Buffalo Bay is easier than one would anticipate, provided one walks close to the water’s edge to avoid trudging through the soft beach sand, which is recommended only for those wanting to be reminded of the exact location of ones butt, thigh and calf muscles the following morning. The South African Garden Route is well known for its persistently good sunny weather, so unless you are a seasoned hiker, avoid a midday stroll for obvious reasons. Also, remember to take along some liquid refreshments, a hat and for good measure a wind breaker. If you have young children, please don’t take the pram and be sure your children don a hat and adequate sun block. Never allow them to swim unsupervised and it’s a good rule to never take the ocean for granted. A good pace will see you at Buffalo Bay in 30 minutes and a leisurely stroll about 50 minutes.

Refreshments are available at Buffalo Bay café and a chance to rest or even swim. During peak season (December) it’s probably not wise to assume access to the café would be without delay.

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