Kamerkloof, Baviaanskloof Hartland

Kamerkloof, Baviaanskloof Hartland: Kamerkloof, Baviaanskloof Hartland

Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Kamerkloof is a soulful place of rejuvenation, harmony, and beauty.

Kamerkloof is a Guest Farm located in the Baviaanskloof Hartland area that is widely recognized for its extraordinary biodiversity, human history and uniqueness. Our heartfelt hospitality, well-informed hosts, carefully restored historical houses and amazing eco-experiences close to nature make Kamerkloof a premier destination in the Baviaanskloof.

In the Eastern Cape, in the most southern region of Africa, the magnificent Baviaanskloof is situated. This narrow valley of about 200 km long, is surrounded by steep rock formations, green slopes and high mountain plains. Baviaanskloof is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has 3 biodiversity hotspots and 7 biomes. In this predominantly warm area, most of the valley with its narrow side gorges with their little streams is during most seasons a green oasis. The river is vital for farmers, communities and nature in the valley.

Nestled on a living olive farm in the heart of the Baviaanskloof Wilderness, tasteful in every detail and appointed with modern amenities, our rooms and houses are spacious with beautiful scenery that reflect the local sense of style and offer spectacular views of the majestic Baviaanskloof mountains and Studtis farming community.

Kamerkloof is a safe haven for all life. While biodiversity conservation is promoted so too are sustainable farming practices. As such, farming and conservation work hand in hand. Endangered plants and animals are protected. Kamerkloof is committed to protecting the Cape mountain leopard.

Kamerkloof is an authentic Baviaanskloof experience where we are creating partnerships to restore an important water catchment area, improving livelihoods and engaging with the green economy as friends of the earth.

Come see, feel, hear and touch Kamerkloof - dit is pragtig en salig hier.

Tel: 049 839 1008, Mobile: 083 602 1253, Address: Studtis, Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
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