Knysna Terrace Guest House

Knysna Terrace Guest House: Accommodation Knysna

Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

Knysna Terrace Boutique Guesthouse is a 4 star family owned and run guesthouse. At our core we hold to heart the stories from ancient Greece, which would caution mortals that any guest should be treated as if potentially a disguised divinity. It is these principles of hospitality toward any stranger who enters our establishment, and the belief of extending generosity and courtesy to our guests, with a warm-hearted and relaxed atmosphere, that makes us passionate about hospitality, but more especially about making your stay with us as memorable as possible.

At Knysna Terrace Boutique Guesthouse we aim to stay true to nature and embrace this beautiful town with its forests, mountains and oceans...thus our décor is Mediterranean-themed, which also pays homage to the phenomenal bird-life in our pristine forests, hence the holding company name Pouli (Pooh-lee)—which is a beautiful Greek work for Bird! We would also like to set your mind at ease that all amenities are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and our famous breakfasts are prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients...good for the environment, good for you!

Self-catering accommodation Satellite television Pool on premises Secure parking Free Wi-Fi Television Bed and breakfast accommodation 
Tel: +27 044 382 1270, Mobile: +27 082 460 2671, Fax: 086 608 2808, Address: 138 Old Cape Rd, Paradise, Knysna
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