Old Gaol Restaurant

Old Gaol Restaurant: Restaurant Swellendam Garden Route

Swellendam, Western Cape, South Africa

Wynand & Ilze Olivier bought the coffee shop during 2013 and has transformed it to a full on restaurant that is open 7 days and 4 nights a week.

“Sixty years ago, the average dinnertime was ninety minutes; today it is less than twelve minutes. ”(From Tablet to Table - Leonard Sweet)

Our purpose is to bring eating back to a daily routine that shape our identities and those of our loved ones, back to a procedure where we ingest the energy we need to keep going and a therapy of food to ignite sharing and giving back in our communities.

There is an old Italian saying that goes the one who drinks alone, chokes. At Old Gaol we take it a step further and belief that it is better to eat simple South African food together than haute cuisine alone.

The Old Gaol team is committed to quality, wholesome country food, served with pride and passion to ensure your experience with us is an unforgettable one. Don’t hesitate to call our cooks and congratulate them with their fine work.

Tel: (028) 514 3847, Address: 8a Voortrek Street Swellendam
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