The Rocky Horror Tribute Show

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25th Oct 2023 to 4th Nov 2023

The Rocky Horror Tribute Show

Step into a world of vibrant decadence and unabashed revelry as The Rocky Horror Tribute Show ignites the stage with its wild energy and timeless charm. 

This cult classic phenomenon, born from the mind of Richard O'Brien, has captivated audiences for decades and continues to push boundaries with its electrifying blend of comedy, horror, and rock 'n' roll.

Come dressed up as your favourite character and enjoy this homage to the iconic tale of the small Transylvanian castle, the eccentric and seductive Dr. Frank-N-Furter reigns supreme, captivating all who dare to enter his extraordinary realm. When a young and unsuspecting couple, Brad and Janet, stumble upon his bizarre abode during a stormy night, they are thrust into a world of sensuality, self-discovery, and gender-bending mayhem.

With its iconic songs like "Time Warp," "Sweet Transvestite," and "Dammit Janet", The Rocky Horror Tribute Show stage production transforms into a joyous celebration where inhibition is left at the door, and self-expression takes center stage.

With its timeless appeal and rebellious spirit, this audacious spectacle continues to push boundaries, empowering audiences to embrace their inner weirdness and celebrate their individuality.

At the George Arts Theatre, 125 York St, George

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Tel: 044 874 3142

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